Welcome / by Janae Garvin

My grandma was always my number one choice for any “who’s your hero?” or “who do you admire?” papers in school. And believe me, it wasn’t hard in the least bit to come up with reasons as to why she was such the perfect choice.

My grandma not only taught me how to be a lady but also how to be a woman after God’s own heart, how to be a loving and always giving wife and mother, how to love the unlovable, how to make a house into a home, how to be a servant, and how to be a patient and kind loving human being. She was as beautiful on the outside as she was within. I was and will continue to be in complete awe of the life of Thelma Triggs. She was one of my most favorite people. I could write stories and stories about memories I have with my grandma, all full of great love and laughter. So this business is named after her and in her memory—our quiet anchor.

She has inspired me in so many ways and one of them is being able to keep memories alive through photography. So everyone apart of my business is important to me; their memories are important to me.

I wanted to be able to open this photography business officially for a long time and God’s timing has been forever in my favor; I am launching this site on my grandmother’s birthday.

So thank you for visiting and taking time to hear apart of my story and I hope you allow me to capture your memories as well & create moments for you and your families.

Thank you & happy birthday Grandma <3

P.S. feel free to check out my side bar (to your left) & explore what I’ve got so far! Hopefully I’ve got so much more to share with you all!